Erris, and in particular Shraigh Hill, Belmullet, is a special place for us, it's where my father and his family are from going back generations, and where I've always wanted to build a house. In 2007 we finally did.

Shraigh beach is a two minute drive or ten minute stroll away and you will often have the whole of this glorious beach to yourself, with its crystal clear waters and beautiful white sands. How you enjoy it is up to you - For windsurfers and kitesurfers Shraigh beach is beautiful, safe and welcoming, whilst for those seeking peace, relaxation or perfect sandcastles this is one of the most idyllic spots in the region.

For us it's just the best beach in the world for family, to play football, have a picnic, find shells, jump off sand dunes or just enjoy the cleanest air imaginable.